Being responsible

So I have my spam filter in place and now going through the 46K in spam comments I had before I got this site put back together. they certainly don’t… Read more »

I feel so stupid

Not sure what I was thinking when I did the three and one, I am sure it made sense at the time. and so I shall carry on

Still here

Well it has been 18 months since my last post but I am still here and still plugging away.

Adventure companies

  In most of the kingdoms of Easternia. Adventurer, are required to register as an adventure company. Adventure companies can be mercenaries, adventurers, travelling service companies etc. When one forms… Read more »


  Bervosh is a Simi walled town, it was established about 75 years ago, with the discovery of silver to the south-east. It grew quickly and was very prosperous, till… Read more »